Raspberry Pi

I own five Raspberry Pis, currently used for various purposes:

  • A media centre, running the excellent RaspBMC distribution
  • A headless server, sharing my printer and hard drives on my network, as well as providing a way to control the Arduino that controls my 433MHz remote control sockets and acting as a BTSync and CrashPlan server
  • Two "desktop" systems - each plugged into a monitor on my desk, and sharing the keyboard and mouse over the network so I can use them as if they were a single machine
  • A remote server, hosted in the Netherlands, able to provide all kinds of services (and available externally in case my home internet goes down)

Running BitTorrent Sync as a service (for multiple users)

NOTE: This article has been superceded by an updated one here!

BitTorrent Sync is a really useful alternative to Dropbox / Google Drive / etc, as none of the files are stored on someone else's server and you can have as much space as you want!

BTSync can only be run once (per user), so running it as a service ensures it starts at boot for every user without them needing to log on! [...]

Google Drive on the Raspberry Pi using Grive

Google still hasn't released a Google Drive client for Linux (and when they do, it won't necessarily run on an ARM chip) so the best option I've found so far is Grive - an open source client.  It syncs with Google Drive, although doesn't "watch" for changes, so it needs to be run regularly (e.g. on a cron-job).

Diving straight ahead into installation...

Install the dependencies (this was sufficient for my Pi, running Raspbian): [...]


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