I created this site to keep track of the various things that I do, and to share anything I have learned along the way in the hope that others will improve on it and share in return.

Sorting the Swap Space on a Raspberry Pi

By default the Raspberry Pi uses a 100MB swap file on the SD card.  I have a 512MB Pi, and I've never actually seen the swap being used... but if it is, it will be horrifically slow and have some impact on the life of the card.  So, since I have hard drives plugged in (I have a 4-drive JBOD USB enclosure) I decided to move the swap.  (Most of the following commands need to be run as root or using sudo). [...]

Installing "unrar" on a Raspberry Pi

A basic version of "unrar" can be installed simply with:

apt-get install unrar-free

However this is unable to handle the RAR v3.0 format (which most .rar files probably use).  For this we must use "unrar-nonfree", which isn't in Raspbian's repositories. Not to worry, it can be installed easily enough using the APT system... [...]

Running BitTorrent Sync as a service (for multiple users)

NOTE: This article has been superceded by an updated one here!

BitTorrent Sync is a really useful alternative to Dropbox / Google Drive / etc, as none of the files are stored on someone else's server and you can have as much space as you want!

BTSync can only be run once (per user), so running it as a service ensures it starts at boot for every user without them needing to log on! [...]

Google Drive on the Raspberry Pi using Grive

Google still hasn't released a Google Drive client for Linux (and when they do, it won't necessarily run on an ARM chip) so the best option I've found so far is Grive - an open source client.  It syncs with Google Drive, although doesn't "watch" for changes, so it needs to be run regularly (e.g. on a cron-job).

Diving straight ahead into installation...

Install the dependencies (this was sufficient for my Pi, running Raspbian): [...]

Running multiple copies of Dropbox in Linux (at the same time!)

Multiple copies of dropbox in Linux

TL;DR: Grab the attached script, and use it to install and/or run additional Dropbox instances in Linux! (It gives you usage instructions if you run it with no parameters)

I use Dropbox. My wife also uses Dropbox. We wanted to use Dropbox at the same time, on the same computer, without needing to have separate user accounts. [...]

ENAMeL: A Language for Binary Correlation Matrix Memories


DOI: 10.1007/s11063-013-9307-8
Authors: Nathan Burles, Simon O'Keefe, James Austin, Stephen Hobson

Published in Neural Processing Letters.

Attached is a draft copy.

Neural Processing Letters timeframe:

Submitted: 2013-01-21
Acceptance subject to comments: 2013-04-03
Resubmitted: 2013-05-07
Final acceptance: 2013-06-01 [...]

Adding a draft watermark in LaTeX

To include the watermark on every page:


To include the watermark on the first page only:


To change the watermark text:


To change the darkness/lightness of the watermark (range from 0.0/black to 1.0/white):


To change the size of the watermark:



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